The Brazilian College of Animal Reproduction is proudly celebrating in 2004 year its 30th anniversary and organizing the 15th International Meeting on Animal Reproduction (ICAR), which for our pleasure is taking place in Brazil. We also have been publishing the Brazilian Journal of Animal Reproduction during the past 28 years. This conjunction of special events, and the awareness we are reaching maturity, made us very confident in pursuing new challenges and horizons. In this context we are now launching a new international journal in the field of Animal Reproduction, whose aims are to publish reviews and original articles related to the basic, applied and biotechnological aspects of animal reproductive biology. We are fully aware that this will be a difficult task. However, we are working very hard to make this a successful journal with the hope of fulfilling a long-standing need in Latin America by providing an excellent avenue for publications in this important and productive field of science. In this regard, we ask that you submit your next work for publication in our journal and we appreciate very much those scientists who kindly submitted their best research, which is now being published in the inaugural issue of Animal Reproduction.

Editorial Board

Editors-in-Chief (2015-)
Carlos Eduardo Ambrósio – FZEA/USP, Pirassununga, SP, Brazil
Antônio de Pinho Marques Jr - UFMG, Brazil

Editors-in-Chief (2004-2015)
Luiz Renato de França - UFMG, Brazil

José Ricardo de Figueiredo – UECE, Brazil
Mário Binelli – USP, Brazil

Editors-in-Chief (2007-2013)
Eduardo L. Gastal - Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA
Luiz Renato de França - UFMG, Brazil

José Ricardo de Figueiredo – UECE, Brazil
Mário Binelli – USP, Brazil

Editorial Board
Andrzej Bartke - Southern Illinois University, USA
Antônio Carlos S. Castro - UFMG, Brazil
Arlindo A. Moura - UFC, Brazil
Barry D. Bavister - University of New Orleans, USA
Bart Gadella - Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Brian Setchell - University of Adelaide, Australia
Eduardo Bustos Obregón - Universidad de Chile, Chile
Eduardo Paulino da Costa - UFV, Brazil
Edward L Squires - Colorado State University, USA
Fernanda da Cruz Landim-Alvarenga - UNESP, Brazil
George E. Seidel Jr - Colorado State University, USA
Goro Yoshizaki - Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan
Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez, SLU, Sweden
Hugo P. Godinho - PUC/Minas, UFMG, Brazil
João Carlos Deschamps - UFPEL, Brazil
J.A. (Lulu) Skidmore-The Camel Reproduction Centre, UAE
Katrin Hinrichs - Texas A&M University, USA
Keith Betteridge - University of Guelph, Canada
Margaret J. Evans - CDHB, New Zealand
Martha C. Gomez - Louisiana State University, USA
Parvathi K. Basrur - University of Guelph, Canada
Peter J. Broadbent - UK
Rex A. Hess - University of Illinois, USA
Ricardo S. Calandra - IMBICE, IBYME, Argentina
Richard Fayrer-Hosken - University of Georgia, USA
Rüdiger W. Schulz - Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Stanley P. Leibo - University of New Orleans; Audubon Research Center, USA
Sue M. McDonnell - University of Pennsylvania, USA
Telma M.T. Zorn – USP, Brazil
William R. Allen - University of Cambridge, UK
Wilma de Grava Kempinas - UNESP, Brazil

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