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  Proceedings of the 26th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Embryo Technology Society (SBTE), August 30th to September 2nd, 2012, Foz do Iguaçu, PR, Brazil.  
  From the SBTE President
  From the SBTE scientific committee chair
  Conference Papers  
  Impact of using artificial insemination on the multiplication of high genetic merit beef cattle in Brazil
J.B.S. Ferraz, J.P. Eler, F.M. Rezende

  History, evolution and perspectives of timed artificial insemination programs in Brazil
P.S. Baruselli, J.N.S. Sales, R.V. Sala, L.M. Vieira, M.F. Sá Filho

  Bovine semen quality control in artificial insemination centers
P. Vincent, S.L. Underwood, C. Dolbec, N. Bouchard, T. Kroetsch, P. Blondin

  Developmental aspects of early pregnancy in mares
C. Meira, J.C. Ferreira, E.S.M. Silva, F.S. Ignácio

  Monitoring of the last third of gestation and peripartum disorders
C.B. Fernandes

  Newborn adaptations and healthcare throughout the first age of the foal
B.R. Curcio, C.E.W. Nogueira

  Practical aspects for implementing in vitro embryo production and cloning programs in sheep and goats
H. Baldassarre

  From cattle to sheep: a view of the difficulties and success of commercial in vitro production of sheep embryos
J.C.B. Silva, W.K. Okabe, A.S. Traldi

  Preservation of wild feline semen by freeze-drying: experimental model
L.C.O. Magalhães, C.M. Melo-Oña, M.J. Sudano, D.M. Paschoal, L.F. Crocomo, C.L. Ackermann, F.C. Landim-Alvarenga, M.D. Lopes

  Oocyte maturation in bitches
L.M.C. Pereira, S.D. Bicudo, M.D. Lopes

  IETS statement on worldwide ET statistics for 2010
B. Stroud, H. Callesen

  Research in animal reproduction: Quo vadimus?
B.D. Murphy

  Equine chorionic gonadotropin: an enigmatic but essential tool
B.D. Murphy

  Positive and negative effects of progesterone during timed AI protocols in lactating dairy cattle
M.C. Wiltbank, A.H. Souza, J.O. Giordano, A.B. Nascimento, J.M. Vasconcelos, M.H.C. Pereira, P.M. Fricke, R.S. Surjus, F.C.S. Zinsly, P.D. Carvalho, R.W. Bender, R. Sartori

  Comparison of endocrine and cellular mechanisms regulating the corpus luteum of primates and ruminants
M.C. Wiltbank, S.M. Salih, M.O. Atli, W. Luo, C.L. Bormann, J.S. Ottobre, C.M. Vezina, V. Mehta, F.J. Diaz, S.J. Tsai, R. Sartori

  Influences of nutrition and metabolism on fertility of dairy cows
R.S. Bisinotto, L.F. Greco, E.S. Ribeiro, N. Martinez, F.S. Lima, C.R. Staples, W.W. Thatcher, J.E.P. Santos

  Angiogenic and steroidogenic responses of the corpus luteum after superovulatory and stimulatory treatments using eCG and FSH
L.A. Fátima, M. Binelli, P.S. Baruselli, A.P. Bonfim Neto, P.C. Papa

  Improving oocyte quality in cows and heifers - What have we learned so far?
P. Blondin, C. Vigneault, A.L. Nivet, M.A. Sirard

  Postpartum uterine diseases in dairy cows
K.N. Galvão

  Uterine environment and conceptus development in ruminant
F.W. Bazer, J. Kim, G. Song, M.C. Satterfield, G.A. Johnson, R.C. Burgardt, G. Wu

  Modulation of uterine function by endocrine and paracrine factors in ruminants
F.W. Bazer, M.C. Satterfield, G. Song

  Increasing pregnancies following synchronization of bovine recipients
G.A. Bó, P.S. Baruselli, R.J. Mapletoft

  Association between immune function and development of uterine disease in dairy cows
K.N. Galvão

  Large-scale programs for recipients of in vitro-produced embryos
L.S.R. Marinho, R.M. Untura, F. Morotti, L.L. Moino, A.G. Rigo, B.V. Sanches, J.H.F. Pontes, M.M. Seneda

  Several insights on evaluation of semen
G.E. Seidel, Jr.

  Origins and effects of oocyte quality in cattle
R. Boni

  Challenges in work with bovine gametes and embryos
H. Callesen

  Aspects related to the technique and the utilization of sexed semen in vivo and in vitro
R.P. Arruda, E.C.C. Celeghini, M.A. Alonso, H.F. Carvalho, K.M. Lemes, D.F. Silva, S.A.F. Rodriguez, F.J. Affonso

  Control of ovulation in mammals
P.B.D. Gonçalves, B.G. Gasperin, R. Ferreira, J.T. Santos

  Ovum pick-up in cattle: a 25 yr retrospective analysis
R. Boni

  Economic aspects of applying reproductive technologies to dairy herds
E.S. Ribeiro, K.N. Galvão, W.W. Thatcher, J.E.P. Santos

  New applications for bovine IVP technology: from ‘single oocyte culture’ to toxicity screening
P.E.J. Bols, I.G.F. Goovaerts, E.P.A. Jorssen, E.M.L. Petro, A. Langbeen, J.L.M.R. Leroy

  Heat stress induced alteration in bovine oocytes: functional and cellular aspects
F.F. Paula-Lopes, R.S. Lima, P.H.B. Risolia, J. Ispada, M.E.O.A. Assumpção, J.A. Visintin

  Novel bovine embryo transfer technologies in the United States
C.R. Looney, J.H. Pryor

  Paracrine and autocrine factors in the differentiation of the cumulus-oocyte complex
J. Buratini, E.S. Caixeta

  High throughput non-invasive oocyte quality assessment: the search continues
P.E.J. Bols, E.P.A. Jorssen, I.G.F. Goovaerts, A. Langbeen, J.L.M.R. Leroy

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  Poster Abstracts  
  Male Reproductive Physiology and Semen Technology (Abstracts A001 to A020)

  Folliculogenesis, Oogenesis and Superovulation (Abstracts A021 to A044)

  FTAI, FTET and AI (Abstracts A045 to A106)

  OPU-IVP and ET (Abstracts A107 to A155)

  Embryology, Biology of Development and Physiology of Reproduction (Abstracts A156 to A201)

  Cloning, Transgenesis and Stem Cells (Abstracts A202 to A221)

  Supporting Biotechnologies: Cryopreservation and Cryobiology, Image Analysis and Diagnosis, Molecular Biology and "Omics" (Abstracts A222 to A251)

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